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Lottery Winners 

Admittedly they weren’t all large amounts, but as I was learning the 3-step process below I QUIETLY WON MORE THAN SIXTY LOTTERIES!!
It's not all from lottery winnings (I invested) but my net worth is now MORE THAN THREE MILLION DOLLARS.

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Lottery Winners      Lottery Winners      Lottery Winners

The following How to Win the Lottery process WORKS FOR ME. I believe it will also work for you. Apply the 3-step process below diligently and you will make changes inside yourself that may result in an increase in WEALTH, and almost certainly will result in you becoming HAPPIER, MORE SUCCESSFUL, and MORE CONFIDENT. 
Friends will notice the change and will ask what you are doing - you look and act so differently!
Tell them about this website - "I Am a Lottery Winner dot com"

Follow the three steps below with a determined attitude to SUCCEED regardless of discouraging moments as you learn how to change yourself and become a WINNER.
Success could happen much faster than you ever thought!

Lottery Winners

The 3-Step Process
1. Watch the two video clips linked below at least once each day until they are deeply engrained in your subconscious. (They’re free.)




2. Buy and frequently read or listen to (I recommend the audio version):
“The Power”  by Rhonda Byrne.

You can purchase Rhonda Byrne books, CD's, and MP3's at Amazon.com or directly from the author's website.

 3. This third item really helped me BECOME A LOTTERY WINNER!  If you fully engage in only the two items above you will almost certainly emerge HAPPIER and MORE CONFIDENT.  However, if your burning desire is to WIN THE LOTTERY, I recommend that you also buy and listen often to the CD described below. (I particularly found the "Bonus Material" CD Track 3 helpful. You can listen to Track 3 while eating breakfast, cleaning house, jogging, walking, etc.).


“Do you think it's possible for you to win a multimillion dollar Lottery? It can happen to anyone - why not you? If your thoughts create things and you already play the lottery, why not give yourself that winning edge? This CD will allow you to feel comfortable with the idea that you can have all the wealth and riches you could ever want. Apply items 1 and 2 above to create a state of mind where ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE - where you can create whatever you want to create.
Listen often to this CD and mentally take a journey where you have already won the lottery.

"Experience yourself holding the lottery winnings as you suddenly come into millions of dollars. Experience what it will be like when it's you, holding that big check and seeing the glimmer in your eyes and the smile on your face. Will you win the lottery? Who knows? But if you think you've got a shot at it then this will certainly create the right mind set for it to happen. Explore the fantasy of bringing that lottery winning moment closer to reality through this exciting CD filled with affirmations intended to help you become a winner in reality. It's very simple to follow and will help you wrap your mind around the possibility that you could become a winner NOW.”  (Quotes are excerpted from the author's website and edited by the Lottery Winner.)



Make Money Telling Others About Item 3 Online!

I hope this information has been helpful, I wish you the very best.
May all your deepest dreams and fondest desires be completely fulfilled - that's the way it's supposed to be!
Life's Good!

End of 3-Step Process




Keep Reading for More Information about Lotteries and other ways to Make Money on the Internet.

How to Make Money on the Internet


One of Rhonda Byrne's Law of Attraction teachings is to always keep your mind open for money making opportunities that the Universe wants to open the windows of heaven and pour down upon you - such AN ABUNDANCE OF WEALTH AND PROSPERITY that you'll hardly have room enough to contain it all!  I haven't researched it personally, but it is my understanding that Dr. Joe Vitale of Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret" fame is associated with the program linked below to help you make money on the Internet from your home office. It's free to join.



Lottery Winners

 The Universe is Full to Overflowing - it's conspiring for your success.


"The law of attraction is a law of nature. Like gravity it is impersonal, it does not see good things or bad things. It is simply receiving your thoughts and reflecting back to you those thoughts as your life experience. The law of attraction simply gives you whatever things you frequently think about, both positive and negative."    Rhonda Byrne www.thesecret.tv

(Note: if you already 'tried' the Law of Attraction and decided it doesn't work for you - could it be because you chose to disbelieve - and you gave up?)



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I Am A Lottery Winner dot com



I Am A Lottery Winner dot com


Lottery Winners

Life's Good - Be Happy!



Lottery Winners


Statistically, the odds of any individual winning a major lottery jackpot are downright troublesome. But lotteries provide Entertainment and Excitement - also funds for government sponsored programs.

Every year across the nation billions of dollars from lottery ticket sales are funneled into improving Education, Health and Welfare, Environment etc.

(The image above represents the distribution of $2.8 billion from lottery ticket sales in the State of Arizona.)



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Free Lotto has paid out $97,000,000 in prizes. Like Publishers Clearing House, it's free to play daily. 

Free Lotto


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Lottery Winners      Lottery Winners      Lottery Winners


I've enjoyed 18 cruises - several more than 30 days long, and traveled much of the world. Life's good when you create and maintain a joyful winning attitude.

That's the Secret - Be Happy

I Am A Lottery Winner dot com




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